Artist in the classroom

All through last week we had a visitor in our classroom to teach us some things about the arts. This artist was a part of a program called shadow land theaters and her company specializes in the arts so her team works on theatrical productions for other peoples entertainment. Our artist visitors name was Anne barber and she taught us and another class in our school for the whole day it was a lot of fun.

In our class we made masks out of cardboard. First for our masks we took the cardboard and then made itn into a cylinder around our head. After that we pooked holes for our eyes and nose then we rounded the top of the head. After that we started to add facial features and then we painted our masks and added hair , hats , and any other items on the face.

New year resolutions

Yourself :   I can try to change my ways in the classroom to make myself a better learner. I would also like improve my wrestling skills and do better in wrestling.
School : I would like to start doing more in the name it change it program to help solve the problem that is bullying. And get more people to get involved in these special groups and help out around the school.
Family : I would like to put things that have happened in my family in the past behind me and my family. I would like to try to get along with my family and try to become more nuclear.

Local community : I would like to help out around my community and help people in need. I can help people shovel their driveway in winter and rake leaves in the fall for them.
Our world : people in the world are always talking about how they want to make a change and help out in the world. I would like to stop talking about wanting to make a difference in the world and actually make a difference.


          By : Cole




In this post I will be talking about a few of my favourite things. first of all my favourite thing to  is hangout with my friends on the weekend.Another one of my favourite things to do are play sports with a whole bunch of people. My two favourite sports are football and wrestling.My favourite types of music are rap hip hop and rock.

 I also play drums my favourite type of music to play on drums is rock.My favourite drummer is Danny Carey he is probably the second best drummer in the world but that is my opinion.My favourite artists of music are eminem drake lil wayne and hollywood undead.

My favourite spots are football and wrestling. My friends and I are very alike in what we do for fun around our town most of the time we go for longboard rides and play football at the school park.Me and two of my friends do wrestling and we have a lot of fun doing it there are about six or seven tournaments a year and we practice two nights a week.

How To Increase Comments On Your Blog

In this post I will be telling you the reader How to increase the number of comments on your blog.To start off you need people to visit your blog in order to get comments. The best way of doing this is to get people to visit your blog. The best way of doing this  is to take your time on one post and make it really interesting and good to read and hopefully get recognized on the student blogging challenge.  When people see your site recognized they will go to your blog and leave you comments. Another way is to make sure your posts are interesting to read and not sloppy. Also a way of getting more comments is make your blog stand out not dull and boring.And last but not least a way to get more comments are by asking the reader to leave a comment and ask a question like for this post I would say leave a comment and tell me your best ways of getting more comments on your blog.


I love Halloween for three reasons candy dressing up as anything you want and most important candy. me and my friends always celebrate Halloween its a lot of fun. Its fun living in a small town for Halloween because well you know almost everyone and you know the best spots top go for candy because we have a couple of houses were I live that people will give you a whole chocolate bar as well as a big bag of chips its great.

Some people don’t go out trick or treating because they don’t believe in Halloween i know some people who don’t do this and my opinion is that every kid should be allowed to go out trick or treating for Halloween.some religions don’t even know what Halloween is which is sad but they probably celebrate something else.

After school activities

After school I wrestle as well as play any sports that our school is doing.I wrestle in a club in haggersville two nights a week it is my favourite activite after school. The sports I do after school are soccer,basketball foul shooting,badminton,wall ball and dodgeball i think im good at all of these exept soccer.

Today is the Terry Fox

Today is the terry fox run and it is pouring rain outside. the Last time it rained on the terry fox run was two years ago but this doesnt stop port rowan from running. we are either going to walk around the school if it keeps raining or we will walk around the block later on if it stops. all the grade eights keep track of how many times every one walks one time around. There is a lot of spirit envolved in terry fox day the fact that we are raising money for the cancer research like Fox would have wanted. comment and tell me how you run the Terry Fox run.